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Πλήρης και σχολαστικός έλεγχος σε κάθε εγκατάσταση

The service “Implementation” is our most important service and consisting in accepting, on behalf of our company, responsibility of implementation of all the necessary computer work for the success of the project.

In this subject:

  • The Analysis of Procedures and Requirements. In this phase all data, requirements, specifications and required project work recorded and reflected in the issue of “Analysis Specifications and Requirements“.
  • Organization project. In this phase out the individual elements of the project, put the key points and the work allocated by the project manager.
  • Installation-Configuration Software under the issue “Analysis Specifications and Requirements“.
  • Processing and data transfer (Data Migration). In existing installations, the safe transport of data constitutes a very delicate and sensitive work. Our company implements strict rules, techniques and controls to ensure the integrity of their transfer to the new application.
  • User Education. The user training takes place in real data in their installing the same on all the functions of specialized applications to user groups such as those recorded in the phase of analysis.
  • Trial operation. Upon completion of the previous phase the application is in test mode. During this experienced staff of our company in cooperation with our customers, respectively, control all operations of computerization, compare whether the output data meet the required specifications and make possible corrections.
  • Start Operation - Supply Project. The work delivered by our Company after the first printing of authenticated our customers

The eMRP has as main axis of its work, ensuring the quality of services provided to customers, fast & fully satisfy their real needs, resulting in the best possible financial results Επιστροφή