Από το 1989 οραματιζόμαστε το μέλλον

Συνεχής ενημέρωση για τις νέες τεχνολογίες

  The eMRP founded in 1989 by specialists of electronic computing computing, aiming to create IT systems high standards of the future. Its success was built on teamwork and desire to overcome any proklisi.I eMRP strongly believes that the most important advantage is the staff with its expertise. This faith established it as a model to be emulated in many areas. Vigilantly monitor the changing needs of the market and redefines depending on the model of its work. This dynamic policy allows different lyseis.I company researches and develops new and innovative technologies well beyond the competition aiming at comprehensive coverage of all needs with low cost and high functionality. The experienced and highly trained manpower possesses the knowledge of the technological environment, has a valid and timely information on developments, guarantees the thorough analysis of your business. The development of prestigious collaborations and substance of our company with the largest companies in the industry, contributes to the dissemination of information relating to new technologies, resulting catalytic, increase your competitiveness. The total of our knowledge and experience are at your disposal. In eMRP you will find your reliable partner, both during the analysis of your needs and after their implementation, aiming at a two-way professional long relationship. Επιστροφή