Strength, flexibility and perspective in a single electronic tool

The financial and administrative decisions for the viability study and the maximum development of the company, require a tool where timely and accurate information to the administrative and financial management, for financial flows and for future available funds will be the only solution.


Managing Cash


Monitoring and forecasting

  • Cash flow and from the business.

  • Cash flow within the company.

  • Balance inflows and outflows of the company, at a particular time.

  • The potential cash requirements and excess liquidity on a yearly basis.

  • Assurance of funding operating costs.

  • A lack of funding and insolvency risk.

  • Anticipating and identifying liquidity fluctuations.

  • And Early search for suitable sources of funding

  • Transactions with certainty.


Management and evaluation of cash

  • Analytical and at current month and separating cash - securities.

  • Proceeds customers under credit policy

  • Bank loans and cost. (factoring, prepayment checks, guarantees).

  • Pay suppliers

  • Overheads Payment

  • With two possible levels of analysis by method drill down.

  • Capable of imaging requested in graphics and axagogis statistics.


The information is live real-time (Real Time) and reflect snapshot of your business.


This “platform” fully customized and flexible to the needs and goals of the company.

The CashVision is designed to penetrate and connect to databases (SQL, ORACLE) of the top Greek‘s ERP market, thus gaining access to the stored information, which emits quickly and easily.

It has no ability surveying and monitoring of several budgets.

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