What is achieved by JustClick?

  1. Increasing competitiveness
  2. Anticipating difficulties
  3. Risk reduction
  4. Transactions with certainty

Target Audience?

In Business, Economic and Commercial Managers who through correct and complete management reporting (Management Reports) and the multiple graphs and central Dashboard, is able to identify valid and timely manner, changes in the economic fundamentals of the business and receive appropriate decisions, thus maintaining full control of situations.

just_click2 Main Dashboard

The answer eMRP SOLUTIONS in the difficult path of modern business challenges

How and from the information obtained?

In JustClick is designed to penetrate and connect to databases (SQL, ORACLE) of the top ERP’s of the Greek market (ATLANTIS, NAVITION, SOFTONE, GALAXY etc.), thus giving them access to stored the information, which easily emits and quickly in EXCEL sheets for the study and further processing. The information is live real-time (Real Time) and reflect snapshot of your business.

 «JustClick tool that broke the Sanctuary of ERP systems»

Easy to Use

The user of JustClick not necessarily need to be programmer to derive information but knowing simple operation The / Y. For further processing of the recovered items, the elementary knowledge of EXCEL is sufficient and satisfactory. Because the system is intended for users with knowledge mainly accounting, the most simple way a financial executive to communicate with the database is the chart of accounts. So the user is given the opportunity, through our own development of a mechanism to choose the account G.L. who wants to display. This mechanism called function.

Display data mining, where the left are the bills, right up the tab of each account and bottom right the article in the General Ledger.

But the data is correct? And they come from?

Double-click each cell, JustClick takes us into data mining mode. Automatically opens new image where accounts which participate in that cell are displayed, the tabs and certainly reaches the article in the general ledger.

Basic package JustClick

The main menu of JustClick includes the following modules ready to use, delivered in the basic version and of course in the basic price:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Results
  3. Monthly Results
  4. Graphs
  5. Ratios (Liquidity, Profitability, Traffic Speed)
  6. JustClick developer
  7. Ability to design any desired Report. Operation can be performed by the user after a short training and familiarization in functions JustClick.

In addition to these,

a continuously expanding range of applications are to be selected:

  1. Managing multiple companies
  2. Manage cost centers
  4. Monitoring and Comparison budgets
  5. VAT
  6. Aging Customers - Suppliers.
  7. Order management

Exemplary display screen generated by JustClick

just_click4 just_click6 just_click7