H web application ClinicPartner, the solution to all modern polyclinics, whose main characteristic operation are partnerships with outside doctors or physicians earning percentages work. A fundamental feature, the complete patient management and operations of the clinic. Financial dealings with patients, physicians and suppliers easily managed through the new technologies available in the system. Additional important feature is the automatic calculation of commissions and payments of doctors using many parameters.

Meet the application of ClinicPartner eMRP and manage the finances of your Polyclinic, easily and flexibly.

Technology Web Application + Cloud

 The ClinicPartner is a Web Application that has all the benefits of a cloud application. Works on all computers, mac, tablet or smart phone with predominant benefit to avoid data loss, because there is nothing installed on the aforementioned devices (Cloud).


Technical Responsive Web Design

We created quite User Friendly application using the most modern technical design Responsive Web Design. Automatic device to adjust the screen


Operation Multi User

Possibility of simultaneous use of many employees, with comparable rights of use. In this way, to maximize rapid data entry and control required in the overall operation.


Management Appointments

Additional feature of the application is the integrated system for managing appointments, among Physicians, Patients and Operations. The essential tool in managing a practice.


PivotTables and Charts

 Take advantage of the summaries of statistics for a complete picture at any time. On-line information about the state of motion of your clinic.

Basic features :

  • Complete management of demographic data of patients, partners and suppliers.
  • Management visits and work of patients.
  • Sign of patients with occupational physicians as well as doctors or associates level recommendation (patient fatherhood).
  • Calculating supplies doctors and collaborators with several criteria (fatherhood proceeds patients).
  • Introduction and supplier management movements and other expenses.
  • Management of receipts and other patients per move.
  • Manage payments suppliers, with additional capability repayment plan per document.
  • Analysis and management of other doctors and associates.
  • Analysis of turnover per partner and per treatment while the cost of supplies and materials monitoring.
  • Full calendar function (date).
  • Show financial and statistical information in detail and aggregated per partner and per type of treatment.
  • Exporting tables in .xls file (Excel).