Technologically advanced payroll application.

The management of payroll and employee data is a critical process that often proves to be very tedious and time consuming. Taking into account the current needs of Greek businesses and leveraging its long experience in developing payroll applications extremely user-friendly and accurate as to the result, the ALTEC created ATLANTIS Payroll. The ATLANTIS Payroll is a powerful tool for calculating and issuing payroll for businesses and accounting – tax consulting offices of all sizes. It is developed in a graphical environment and takes advantage of relational databases (RDBMS). Moreover, it can be connected directly to the ATLANTIS ERP to create a single computer solution. The ATLANTIS Payroll is highly flexible and easily adapted to the requirements of each company and any tax change. In particular, the ATLANTIS Payroll incorporates ample possibilities and functional specifications which ensure:

  • Flexibility Management of insurance funds, special allowances, collective agreements, calculation sheets using functions.
  • Historicity Conservation Full maintenance historicity of data across the entire range of payroll ensured by the possibility of determining the validity period of new or modified data.
  • Automation The ATLANTIS Payroll performed rapidly and automated all work related to the calculation and issuing payroll. Additionally the auto-update / renewal, through the e-services of Altec, all items (funds, collective agreements, etc.) that affect the payroll calculation.
  • Comprehensive Information Data collected through friendly and flexible processes through automation, combined and offered as operational information, both through finished viewing and printing and through powerful reporting tools and projections.