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The computerized system of any business is the basis for the management of all daily tasks. In an environment that is constantly evolving, it becomes an urgent need for software that provides high quality, proven reliability and excellent usability. The Chapter is the program created by Altec focusing on your business. It develops parallel with it and is characterized by expertise and competence on issues of integrated IT solutions.   Operating Advantages KEFALAIO fully exploit all the possibilities of modern computer operating systems and ensuring reliability and speed, while using many different cutting edge technologies to provide optimal solutions to the most complex problems. Fully integrates technology Client / Server, allowing on-line connection of branches and remote workstations. Characterized by its flexible and open architecture, providing crowd with connectivity software and office applications (Microsoft Office). Supports on-line interface with the widest range of cash registers and systems from any other application. It supports the planning and implementation scenarios for data exchange between capital and databases (Microsoft MSDE or SQL Server and Oracle). It supports automatic data transfer process (Data Migration) or by other applications or to the ERP xLINE and ATLANTIS. Provides ongoing communication and support to users through innovative online (Internet) services (e-Services, e-Support, Live Update). Business Reports - Tool for Information and Development The Business Reports is a new module of funds created to satisfy the needs of modern times for fast, efficient and consistent management information from a business perspective. It is a useful tool for editing and display information stored in the KEFALAIO.

The Business Reports transform your operational data into consistent and reliable information on the production of statistical reports (Reports), Dynamic Petitions (Dynamic Reports), Graphics (Charts), Cubes (Olap Cubes) and Multidimensional Report, presenting the image of your business direct and understandable manner. Meanwhile, the Business Reports be presented aggregated image of your business in terms of sales or revenues level, providing all the necessary information for the management of daily operations. Now you can quickly and easily make comparisons between various sets of data, study the prevailing trends, but also to answer questions about the important influence decision making at every activity.